Huawei Pay announces the report card of Huawei’s DigiX terminal developers conference

On June 22, the DigiX2018 huawei terminal • global partners and developers conference officially opened at huawei’s Beijing research institute. The theme of this developers conference is “open & innovative”. It has discussed mobile terminals, digital services, cloud services, globalization and other aspects to create an all-scene intelligent service experience. At the meeting, huawei officially released the whole scene ecological strategy, announced the full implementation of yaoxing plan, and also officially released the huawei smart selection of HiLinK ecological brand of huawei.

As NFC accelerates the digitization of the physical world, Huawei Pay will add the capacity of identity authentication. With the development of science and technology, a full-scene intelligent digital revolution has come. Huawei ping-an zhang, President BG cloud service issued at the meeting entitled “fertile ground flare star, digital and win-win” the theme of the speech, he said fertile soil is the role of huawei need, by connecting the service partner, common innovation to build a win-win platform.

2018 Huawei terminals global partners and developers conference on 22 and 23 two days with Huawei institute held in Beijing, the assembly also set AI preinstalled, PPS and commercialization, Huawei, Huawei music video & read content cooperation, Huawei theme, search and information & better able open ecological outbound services in various fields such BBS, and smart home, fast service, EMUI system ability to open, PPS, AR, VR, HMS & Huawei Pay and innovation technology such as smart apparel & sports health communication technology BBS.

Through this conference, we also see that huawei has built an open ecological platform of “core – end – cloud” cooperation, and created a fertile land for developers. Huawei also hopes that more developers and partners can work with huawei to create a smart revolution of the whole scene and create a better user experience.

Huawei Pay will provide users with an all-around electronic wallet, which can be stored in various digital applications such as CARDS/CARDS/tickets/coupons and electronic car keys. And according to these services, Huawei will Pay for all developers to open their comprehensive ability, including distributing financial part of the third party APP/vertical scenarios, such as traffic/security/authentication also geared to the needs of the android operating system and SE the bottom opening its ability.

Huawei Pay since good performance, ability to fully open help NFC said to NFC and wallet service industry development, Huawei, as the representative of China’s domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei Pay development has always been there for all to see.