In addition to Google Pay and Apple Pay, you can also choose VK Pay

According to a news report from the Russian Business Consultation Website (, Russia’s social media company VK today launched VK Pay, an online payment system. The social software spokesperson has confirmed the news.

In the first stage, the payment system was mainly provided to groups using VK to promote their products and services, and VK Pay users did not have to Pay fees for the payment, the source said. With the launch of the new server, VK will also provide its partners with an e-commerce platform for releasing product and service information.

It is worth noting that users of social networks can pay for mobile communication services, transfer funds, pay utility bills, taxi fares, hotel and flight reservations, order takeaways, pay for medical expenses and many others.

Other companies can also use VK Pay to accept payments from users on social networks and other partner sites, and offer cash back. Partners in VKontakte’s payment system can also create widgets in social networks, allowing users to move directly from social software to external websites.

VK Pay users pay a maximum of 200,000 rubles per month, and “Vkontakte” is preparing to launch the payment system VK Pay based on the existing social transfer. VK Pay’s features include: Transfers and withdrawals, payment of communication and utility bills, payment of taxis, hotel and airfare costs, takeaways, telephone doctor fees, and other services. Among them, the financial limit is 200,000 rubles per month, and the maximum remittance limit is 60,000 rubles.

VKontakte in Russian equivalent to the status of Chinese micro letter, almost everyone is its loyal users, It is the most popular website in Russia.