Japan 7-11 new store launched “face recognition” self-service settlement

Japanese media reported on December 21 that in order to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology, Japan’s convenience store 7-11 has opened a new face recognition self-service settlement store in Tokyo’s port district jointly with NEC, which requires only one shop assistant to maintain the operation.

Image source:unsplash.com

The new store is located in NEC’s building and will be used by about 400 office workers. The area of the store is about 26 square meters, and there are about 400 kinds of goods, which is equivalent to one tenth of ordinary convenience stores.

The store uses Japanese NEC face recognition and other information technology, buyers only need to brush the work permit, or record their own face information in advance, When settling with a machine to read the product barcode, the system will automatically face recognition, and then directly from the payroll deduction of the payment amount.
Advanced AI systems promise to offer retailers new tools to better understand customers, improve staff efficiency and avoid waste and spoilage.