Japan Online Gaming Association considers the introduction of block chains to protect gaming assets

Guide: It is understood that the Japanese Online Gaming Association in order to protect the players game points of interest and game assets, want to introduce block chain, and how to comply with the Japanese law also need to discuss with the financial department.

According to the news, at the TOKENSKY blockchain + global summit forum held in Tokyo, Japan, Japanese online game association legal person Ze Zichen said that Japan is very concerned about the game industry, and now the Japanese online game association is considering intending to introduce blockchain, but it also needs Focus on issues at the legal level.

The game is now available for free download, but you will have to pay for a more fulfilling gaming experience.

However, there are some risks and problems concerning the exchange of points and the protection of game assets, such as the closure of the store, failure to exchange points as promised, and lack of legal protection of game assets.