Japan to develop 5G technical safety standards

Introduction: According to the “Japanese economic news” reported that in order to promote the 2020 new generation of high-speed communications “5G” commercialization, to promote the development of technology and product development, the Ministry of General Affairs of Japan will establish 5G technical safety standards, and plans to complete the standard set this summer, and strive to promote the standards by international

The current radio protection guide in the General Ministry of Japan stipulates the standard values of radio intensity for each band, and is the standard for developing and manufacturing various wireless devices such as mobile phones.

But 5G communications will use a higher frequency band than traditional mobile phones, and its standard has yet to be determined. The ministry of general affairs will measure the intensity of the wave emitted by relevant equipment and evaluate its safety, and bring the standards of 5G related frequency band into the guide.

Strong electric waves will bring stimulation and heat to the human body, the current “guide” of radio intensity control in the impact of human body level of 1/50,5g communication will ensure the same level of security.

Mobile companies can obtain permission to use radio waves if they meet the standard.

In 5G applications, in addition to smartphones, Japanese companies are actively engaged in research and development of Internet of things.

Standard is the premise of the development of the Internet of things, there is no standard to ensure safety, products and services can not talk about.

Japan’s General Affairs ministry said that if the safety standards could be established as soon as possible, it could become international standards, thus greatly promoting domestic manufacturers to enter the world market.

In the development of 5G safety standards, the General Affairs Province will also carry out wireless charging, automatic driving vehicle distance measurement radar, such as the safety of the use of new generation of radio technology research.