Japan’s economic and industrial Province supports the cooperation of AI enterprises and large enterprises and the construction of innovative models

According to the Japan News Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan has supported the cooperation between venture companies and large enterprises engaged in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

Up to 200 million yen will be given to the 20 selected projects, from the development and application of artificial intelligence systems to the development and commercialization of profits.

This will promote collaboration between venture firms with artificial intelligence technology and large companies with large scale data and equipment, and build globally innovative business models.

The Ministry of Economy and Industry has previously targeted the commercial-oriented cooperation program with AI venture companies and large companies. In some 70 programmes, after a focused review, the final 20 programmes stand out with advanced AI technology and profitability.

In recent years, the trend of artificial intelligence and robot has swept the world, Japan is no exception, including automatic driving, service-oriented robots and other fields of research in Japan is also attracting attention.

Japanese companies ‘ services and products are known for their high quality and relatively low prices, and the country’s pursuit of AI and robotics follows a “high quality” direction.

From the number of basic research papers and patent applications, although Japan fell behind Europe and America and China, but at the corporate level Japan’s products are not inferior to Europe and the United States, especially for industrial robots in the AI function, for automatic driving AI research, in addition to marketing for the machine learning, Based on image processing and natural language processing technology of medical applications, etc., this research has made some progress in Japan.

The Abe government proposed that Japan’s gross domestic product should reach 600 trillion trillion yen in 2020. To support this goal, Japan’s economic and Industrial province proposed the fourth Industrial Revolution strategy, the core technology direction of this strategy has three, namely the Internet of things, large data and artificial intelligence.