JCPenney: Apple Pay has now been restored to all of its retail stores

JCPenney, a popular US department store, said this month that it had re-launched contactless payment options, including Apple Pay, in all of its retail stores.

A JCPenney tech support employee Shared the information on Twitter, saying Apple pay would be available in stores starting June 19.

Earlier this year, JCPenney withdrew its support for Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods after Visa decided to abandon traditional magnetic strip contactless payment technology in favor of EMV technology by the April 13 deadline.

A third-party credit card brand is asking all merchants to actively support the contactless feature of EMV as of April 13, eliminating the traditional MSD contactless technology. Given the resources and delivery times required to meet the new task, JCPenney decided to suspend all contactless payment options until a later date. JCPenney’s customers can still manually complete transactions by inserting or swiping their store point-of-sale terminals, an option that most shoppers at JCPenney use.

Previously, JCPenney did not provide details on whether or when Apple Pay was removed from retail stores and JCPenney applications.