JPMorgan’s partnership with Microsoft on blockchain technology will allow companies to try out the Quorum platform for free

As the core and underlying technology in Bitcoin, the Blockchain (blockchain) market has been very hot, with many companies joining the field, such as Edgelogic, Blade, Bitpay and Coinapult, among others.

As an international software company mainly engaged in the development and maintenance at various operating system levels, Microsoft will naturally not let go of this opportunity.

JPMorgan’s recently said it will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud service to power its blockchain platform Quorum, the Wall Street journal reported, without disclosing financial details.

Us financial institution jp Morgan chase & co. ‘s Quorum blockchain platform will use Microsoft’s service. Umar Farooq, head of jp Morgan’s blockchain business, said the combination with Microsoft’s service will enable the establishment of new blockchain applications in just a few weeks.

JPMorgan developed the Quorum chain platform 4 years ago, which is used both for JPMorgan’s internal business and for outside customers, such as the French luxury goods group LVMH, which uses the Quorum platform to provide luxury verification management. 

JPMorgan said it allows businesses to try out the Quorum platform for free, and businesses or organizations that use the platform add standards that help out blockchain applications and share data.