Ma Huateng (Pony) first publicly used brush face payment, brushed face to pay for fruit tea

Many girls go shopping like to get a cup of milk tea, while strolling around to drink. But can you imagine two business leaders shopping together and enjoying a cup of milk tea?

Ma huateng(Pony), chairman and CEO of Tencent group, and Wang jianlin, chairman of China’s Wanda group, went shopping together at Wanda plaza in Fengtai science park in Beijing on the afternoon of May 8.

It is reported that this is the first “wisdom square” in China jointly built by Wanda and Tencent. Holographic projection, interactive large screen, face-brushing machine and other smart devices can be seen everywhere in the square.

Ma huateng and Wang jianlin visited the Fengtai science park Wanda plaza in Beijing.

That day, while shopping with Wang jianlin in Wanda plaza, Ma huateng also personally inspected their own WeChat face payment.

Ma huateng ordered a cup of jasmine tea with passion fruit at a random price of 22 yuan, and then finished the payment by directly scanning his face. But unexpectedly, Ma huateng forgot to take this cup of fruit tea after he finished after sweeping the face payment.

What is Ma huateng going to do? However, more netizens expressed their curiosity about what is the balance of Ma huateng’s WeChat wallet, and whether Ma Huateng use WeChat to pay for it?

It is understood that this is Ma Huateng for the first time in public use brush face payment. Earlier, in 2015, Jack Ma had shown brush face payments for the first time in Germany.

Overall, in the Fengtai Wanda Plaza Project, Tencent Smart Retail offers a variety of capabilities, from C-end drainage, precision marketing, online and offline interaction, face recognition, AI, small programs, to non-sense parking, bringing new marketing, data analysis, business optimization and customer service solutions to traditional commercial real estate. It fully reflects the advantages of Tencent Smart retail in the integration and output capacity of commercial real estate solutions.

In recent years, brush face payment has developed rapidly, brush face payment has the advantage of saving customers time cost, Improve the advantages of merchants’ cash handling efficiency, the major payment giants have to brush face payment, Alipay launched the second generation of brush face payment Machine “Dragonfly”, and WeChat also later launched the brush face payment Machine product” frog”.

Use biometrics to lay out Internet finance, brush face, brush eye, brush palm… Biometric technology has become the next big thing.

Why are business leaders rushing to position themselves in the biometric market?

From Tencent’s statement can be a probe into the bottom, “is working with micro-bank on the financial, securities and other business face recognition application attempt.” “Ant Gold Clothing is also for this purpose,” the most important is for the Internet financial industry to make the corresponding technical reserves. ”

Analysts in the industry say that in traditional finance, when users apply for bank loans or securities to open an account, they must go to an offline entity to verify their identity information and complete a face-to-face signature.

Today, with face recognition technology, users only need to turn on their phone cameras and take a photo of themselves to complete identity verification. This new technology brings about improved user experience while also ensuring security, “because the passwords used by biometric technology that are can’t be stolen.”