McDonald’s in Hong Kong, China has opened AlipayHK payment method in the App

According to media reports in Hong Kong, China, ALIPAYHK and McDonald’s in Hong Kong jointly announced the addition of ALIPAYHK to make a meal payment at the McDonald’s App, and will introduce concessions to promote mobile phone ordering and e-wallet payment services.

“Let mobile phone become your wallet”, this is the advertisement word of pay treasure Hong Kong official website. Since its birth, AlipayHK is becoming an indispensable digital life platform for Hong Kong people.

Li Weishi, chief executive officer of McDonald’s in Hong Kong, said that since the launch of the McDonald’s App last year, more than 1.5 million people have downloaded it, with about 450,000 active users.

She added that in addition to becoming a strategic partner with AlipayHK, McDonald’s has actively developed an electronic payment platform in recent years. McDonald’s App now accepts AlipayHK, credit card and cash payment, and will discuss cooperation with other payment platforms in the future.

Chan yuen-chen, chief executive officer of AlipayPaymentServices (HK) Limited, said Alipay has cooperated with a number of different merchants and restaurants. Currently, nearly 10,000 restaurants in Hong Kong have accepted Alipay payment. It is hoped that this cooperation with McDonald’s in Hong Kong can serve as a demonstration for more Hong Kong restaurants to make digital transformation and promote e-payment in the catering industry. Chen added that he hopes alipay will make the concept of smart life a reality by allowing customers to [enjoy] the amazing convenience of mobile ordering and payment.

Open the McDonald’s App, select “order by phone”, and set the McDonald’s branch of the user. Click the desired food in the App, and then click “add to cart”;

After ordering food in the McDonald’s app, users can choose “payment method” when checking out. They can choose to pay by credit card, or click AlipayHK, and scan the QR code before picking up food in McDonald’s. The interface will jump to the AlipayHK app and complete the payment process.

AlipayHK took the opportunity to launch its first original virtual KOL “AliSa” yesterday. It is said that the name comes from the Hebrew word for joy and pleasure.