McDonald’s United FleetCor launches voice mobile payment service

With the development of mobile payments, there are a variety of driving forces, and the cooperation between fast food giants and travel payment systems is one of them.

McDonald’s and Fleetcor have launched a voice-based mobile payment system in Brazil.


Fleetcor adapted its Sem Parar system to suit McDonald’s drive-through service.

Passengers using the service simply have to say “” I’m using SemParar to pay” “to activate a paying account and then pay the bill automatically.

The move will bring a potential new market for Fleetcor’s Sem Parar, boosting the product’s appeal.

It is reported that the current market usage of the system is 5.5 million.

In addition, it can also add some convenience to McDonald’s services and other aspects of the selling point.

Founded in 2000, FleetCor is a leading independent global provider of professional payment products and services in the United States. It was listed on nasdaq at the end of 2010. Its stock price has risen from more than $20 listed to more than $210 listed now (August 31, 2018), with a market value of $18.892 billion.