Mercedes-Benz Cars introduces in-car fingerprint payment

Mobile payment has been integrated into People’s Daily life.
Have you ever imagined that one day you’ll be able to use mobile payments in your car? Mercedes-Benz cars will soon be able to pay with fingerprints, just like mobile phones.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced local in-car payments with the new digital payment service Mercedes Pay+, and since March, the company’s customers in Germany have been able to check payments via an on-board fingerprint sensor, according to foreign media CarStuff.

In 2017, Mercedes-Benz launched its Mercedes Pay system, which integrates in-car commerce into the car and allows users to buy items or services from the vehicle. After several years of development, the system has now developed into Mercedes Pay+, which can be used to pay for various digital services such as improved navigation functions or remote connectivity. and on-demand hardware upgrades for vehicles, such as rear-wheel steering with larger steering angles.

Now the carmaker has teamed up with US credit card giant Visa to make the process even easier with a new feature in Mercedes Pay+, which requires no password input or the use of a mobile phone, just a fingerprint scan for authentication, Payments are then processed through Visa’s new Cloud Token Framework.

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Mercedes said that eventually in-car payments will be extended to other car-related services, such as paying for fuel.

According to the data, Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker in the world to integrate Visa’s delegated authentication and cloud token framework technology, which can realize secure local payments in the car.
Mercedes-Benz Local In-Car Payments support biometric two-factor authentication via a fingerprint sensor, enabling users to make in-car payments without the need to enter a password on the MBUX Infotainment system or use an additional channel of smartphone verification.
According to the report, the Mercedes-Benz car itself has become a payment device, and among the first Mercedes-Benz models equipped with fingerprint sensors are EQS, EQE, S-CLASS, C-CLASS and the new GLC.

The introduction of local in-car payments will make the process more seamless and convenient for drivers in Germany who can already pay for their petrol via the Mercedes me App.

As the number of connected vehicles on the road continues to increase, in-vehicle payment developers offer a variety of use cases for consumers, commercial drivers and fleet managers.

VISA has partnered with Honda, Bentley and other automakers. In addition, automakers such as General Motors, Jaguar, Daimler, IBM and tech giants are also making inroads into in-car payments. With the rapid development of intelligent connected cars, in-car payment is expected to become a new blue ocean in the market.

More than 4.7 billion in-car payments are expected to be made globally by 2026, according to a Juniper Research study. Among them, paying for fuel will be the most common use of in-car payments in the next five years, accounting for about 48 percent of total in-car payment transactions.