“Navigo Easy” card will be rolled out on the Paris metro , while mobile code scanning will be available by the end of September

Hear this news, a lot of small associate are exultant, clap good cheer?

After all, taking buses and subways in many places has long been possible to pay by scanning codes on mobile phones.Take the subway in Paris and no longer have to worry about forgetting money or rushing to find a card the moment before the car is about to leave.

According to the French newspaper (Le Parisien),Parisien Valérie Pécresse, chairman of the French Island Regional Council, announced at the VivaTech European Summit of top technology start-ups on May 17, 2019: June 12, 2019 Navigo Easy Card will be launched, until the end of September, by the end of September, more than 5 million smart phones will be able to scan the code for rides.

Parisians often say their pace of life is made up of “metro, boulot, dodo” (subway, work, sleep).

However, taking the metro in Paris requires buying paper tickets.

Recently, the good news finally came, Paris paper metro tickets will be canceled! The Paris government has been saying this for years, but this time it is coming!

So far, the Paris Metro began to move towards a paperless era!

What is a Navigo easy card?



According to(Le Parisien), paper Metro tickets with magnetic strips will become a thing of the past in 2021, with a ticket book containing 10 notes that will not be sold since the summer of 2020.

One of the two key transport reforms announced by Valérie Pécresse is the launch of the “Navigo easy” card next month.

This is a reusable non-registered card, which can be purchased at an initial price of 2 Euros and then recharged at the same price of paper tickets, such as 1.9 Euros for each ticket and 14.9 Euros for 10 tickets. The card can be recharged and used at any time.

The card is very convenient for those who occasionally take the Paris region transport network, that is, it is quite beneficial to tourists. According to estimates by the Paris Region Mobile Transport Department, the potential users of “Navigo easy” are about 5.8 million.

The second is that the smartphone sweep app will be implemented at the end of September, which will greatly replace the traditional Metro ticket or Metro card.

Valérie Pécresse explained that people will not have to buy a subway ticket or recharge a subway card in front of a station window or a self-service ticket machine, use a smartphone to buy a pass and sweep the code to verify, easily enter the subway station.

The current Paris region public Transport Authority’s co-companies are the French National Railway Group (SNCF), the Paris Public Transport Corporation (RATP), transport operator Transdev, telecom company Orange and Samsung Group.

Over the past few months, 3,500 riders have taken part in a pilot program to scan their phones for rides, with 80% saying they are satisfied and 88% saying they want to use the program for a long time.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that the current use of mobile phones, including two groups of people, one is Orange network users, and its smartphone is Android, at the same time need to be equipped with close-range wireless communication technology; The other group is samsung phone users, who can use the service for their latest models, regardless of which telecom group they belong to.

As a result, the Paris regional mobile transport authority sees the need to negotiate with more mobile operators to further expand service coverage through September.