Nearly 90% of consumers in the UK have visited Amazon

Amazon is popular in the UK, conquering nearly a 90% (86%) of British consumers, according to new research by Mintel company. Over the past year, 21% of UK amazon consumers have increased their shopping on amazon, while only 13% have decreased.
In the UK, the majority of amazon users (70 per cent) visit the e-commerce giant at least once a month, while 17% of UK amazon users do so once a week.

Also, 75% of Amazon shoppers often check the price of the goods they see in a physical store on Amazon, while 70% of Amazon shoppers say they study products elsewhere and then buy them on Amazon.

Hardcopy media products such as books, DVDS and video games were the most popular items on amazon in the UK, with 39% of consumers buying them, followed by consumer electronics (30%), fashion & jewellery (30 %) and toys (20%).

It is also worth noting that British consumers not only visit Amazon UK Station (, but 45% of households buy Amazon devices. Among them, the Kindle is the most popular device (23%), followed by fire TV (16%), Fire Tablet PCs (14%) and Echo (11%).

Mintel retail analyst Nick Carrol said: “Amazon is a phenomenon in the retail industry in the 21st century, and in just more than 20 years it has grown into a retailer that almost all consumers are using, and it has achieved this by relentlessly focusing on customer-facing investment and innovation.” Now, Amazon has built a platform where customers are not only happy to use but are willing to buy a variety of subscription services. ”

The survey also revealed that nearly four in 10 britons (39 per cent) are Prime members of Amazon, which has around 15m Prime members nationwide.

Young consumers in the UK are Prime’s biggest fans, with 63 per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds and 52 per cent of 25- to 34-year-olds getting Prime. Mintel’s research further revealed that Prime membership had a significant impact on purchases, with members more likely to buy products in all product categories.

One of the main attractions of Prime, or its most commonly used benefits, is that it offers members a fast delivery service at no extra cost. About two-thirds (66%) said it was a service they used regularly. By contrast, amazon’s biggest obstacle to recruiting more members seems to be price, with 44% of those who never signed up saying they didn’t because it was too expensive.

From this perspective, Amazon sellers want to boost sales, Prime members are a good target customers.