PayPal’s digital payment platform Venmo pushes physical debit cards

Venmo push physical debit card

To facilitate users’ access to gas stations or other places where digital transactions are inconvenient, Paymo’s mobile payment subsidiary, Venmo, has just announced plans to launch a physical debit card.

Venmo, a mobile payment service provider, has long allowed quick transfers between users, avoiding the hassle of traditional checks and other transactions.

Physical cards issued by bank card company Master Cards are used by domestic and international merchants who accept credit card transactions, but the initial number is relatively limited.

Early in the offering, Venmo physical debit CARDS will be rolled out as a beta program for a small number of users. So far, the public beta has gone pretty well, so the company has decided to push it officially to all users.

PayPal’s digital payment platform, Venmo, pushes physical debit cards. The statement announces the actual debit card test report for almost a year. Venmo users can swipe their cards to purchase physical stores.

The Venmo Debit Card features a minimalist design that provides six card face colors of blue, green, white, yellow, pink and black.

In addition to the chip and contactless payment Logo, you can only see the name of the company, the MasterCard logo, and the words “debit.”

Venmo users can associate this debit card with their mobile payment account for easy management through the App.
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