Russian artificial intelligence market will reach 380 million US dollars in 2021

According to research by Russian digital technology company Cifra, the Russian artificial intelligence market will reach 380 million US dollars by 2021. In 2019, the number of Russian connected devices to the industrial Internet will reach 1.9 million.

The itar-tass news agency reported, according to the research of the Russian Cifra digital technology company, Russia’s artificial intelligence market scale will reach $380 million in 2021, Russia in 2019 the number of devices connected to the Internet industry will reach 1.9 million units.


1.3 million of them will be used in the machinery industry and another 600,000 in process production.


It is understood that the most popular areas of artificial intelligence applications are discrete manufacturing (such as engineering, aircraft construction and instrument engineering). The main purpose of applying artificial intelligence in discrete manufacturing is to extend equipment life and improve maintenance efficiency, and to reduce errors and accident rates , accounting for 44%。


Second, process production (such as metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemistry, refining and petroleum production) accounted for 22%.


The third is for the power sector, which accounts for 11%。


The remaining 23 per cent was mainly used for early research and development, such as how universities would apply artificial intelligence in new industrial fields.


The research results were published in multinational scientific publications on the eve of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.