Singapore – e-payment operator NETS launches new app NETSBiz

NETS, Singapore’s largest cashless payment provider, launched its new App NETSBiz on oct 1, allow merchants to generate their own QR code on their smartphones and accept payment immediately by scanning the QR code.

Netsbiz is aimed at small vendors, courier and other business operators and other merchants design of the App.

With this app, businesses don’t have to print invoices or QR codes, and they can accept customer-scanned payments.

The application also provides seamless real-time transaction statistics between different businesses, for example, merchants can add employees to their NETSBiz account and directly track their transactions in different locations or outlets, so that employees in each store can receive payment notices without having to check with the manager.

NETSBiz supports the use of Singapore’s unified QR code SGQ and the unified electronic payment system SQGR to be implemented at all Singapore coffee shops. Other e-payment apps, such as DBS PayNow, also allow users to make payments via a qr code generated by the App.