Singapore mobile payment: alipay is everywhere visitors go unhindered

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In September 2017, the Ant Gold Service and Singapore Tourism Bureau signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly enhance the Chinese mainland visitors experience in Singapore.

So how about Singapore’s mobile payments, recently the Chinese People’s network of reporters did a survey.

Since the signing of the MOU, Alipay has achieved double-digit growth in the use of mainland Chinese users in Singapore.

Recently, as long as there are scenic spots, shopping malls, restaurants and so on that are frequented by Chinese tourists, alipay is supported for payment. The cashless travel experience in China has been “seamlessly connected” to Singapore.

Singapore as early as September 2015, began to open Alipay, the country has been million merchants to accept payment Alipay, covering Singapore, “to play” five major areas, as long as tourists must go to the attractions, restaurants, shops, can use mobile phones to sweep two-dimensional code direct consumption.

In a Singapore taxi, a screen showing the “Recommended Alipay”, the driver said, almost all Chinese tourists use Alipay to pay their fares.

According to statistics, at present in Singapore 70% of taxis, Changi Airport 70% Stores, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and other core attractions, Orchard Road, the three major department stores, Chinatown, tax rebate service points can be directly paid by the mobile phone payment.

The 1-altitude Gallery&Bar in Singapore, which boasts a spectacular 360-degree panoramic Singapore experience, is the world’s highest open-air bar and has been connected to the alipay service.

Before 1-altitude Gallery&bar’s customers were mostly European and American tourists and Singaporean locals, the bar owners hope Alipay can bring them more Chinese tourists.

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Today, alipay is a popular attraction for Chinese tourists in Singapore.

“Abroad, seeing the alipay logo is like seeing a fellow villager.” “Sighed a Chinese tourist.

In the summer of 2015, resorts world sentosa (RWS) began to access alipay in some of its scenic spots. Up to now, all 188 collection points of the entire scenic area, including hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and scenic spots, have been connected to alipay, and participated in the summer marketing activities of alipay.

Pictures from: people. cn

The Shangri-La Hotel Group, which operates four hotels in Singapore this summer, also has access to Alipay at its branches.

In addition to these large shopping malls, restaurants and institutions, a number of niche designers and small vendors are also actively connected to Alipay, a small group of Singapore’s local designer women’s brand collection shop in Le Salon, Chinese tourists can also use Alipay to pay the bill.

The Singapore Design brand Utopia is also one of the most recent merchants who have been slow to catch up with Alipay, pictured as the founder of Utopia to pay for Chinese tourists, who said Alipay became the shop’s signboard and helped the store attract more Chinese guests. 

Singapore’s Arab street full of different region amorous feelings, Turkey lamps and lanterns, handicrafts, gift shop is very concentrated, the street lamps and lanterns shop Sufi Trading recently pay treasure, access to Singapore a decade of shopkeeper Faizullah Saadullah revealed in his recent alipay transactions to the reporter, feeling is very convenient, “let us pay treasure to this street merchants Chinese tourists” better service use mobile payment.

The picture shows Faizullah Saadullah showing that he welcomes Chinese tourists to use the Alipay logo.