South Korea’s cross-border e-commerce purchases the largest increase in frequency of Chinese goods in 2018, an increase of 107%

Recently, statistics released by the South Korean Customs department show that South Koreans in 2018 in the cross-border e-commerce platform to buy the largest increase in the frequency of Chinese products, the increase of 107% year, the amount of $466 million.

South Korea’s e-commerce development is rapid, 2018 South Korea expects the e-commerce market share will reach 90 billion ~1000 billion dollars, foreign trade enterprises as the center of the general import and export transactions are fast to e-commerce import and export conversion.

In 2018, the number of overseas online purchases by South Korean people was 32.25 million, amounting to $2.75 billion, an increase of 37% and 31%, respectively. “With the convenience of direct overseas purchases, consumers can easily buy foreign products at low prices, and the size of South Korea’s overseas direct purchases continues to increase,” he added. During China’s ‘ double 11 ‘ period, the number of overseas direct purchases by South Koreans surged. “The head of the South Korean Customs office’s Customs Clearance planning Division said.

South koreans are increasingly buying Chinese products overseas. Based on the number of sea Amoy, the proportion of China’s commodities in 2018 reached 26.2%, an increase of nearly 10% over the previous year, and has maintained a significant growth trend for two consecutive years.

South Korean consumers are keen to buy cost-effective Chinese products, especially Chinese electronics. Many Korean companies also give Chinese electronic products as business gifts to customers. Sensing a huge business opportunity, south Korean e-commerce platforms are opening special zones for Chinese products under the overseas direct purchase category of their websites. According to south Korean media reports, an official of ebay South Korea said that in recent years, Chinese electronic products entering the south Korean market have advanced technology, high quality, good reputation and explosive sales growth.

It is understood that south Korean consumer overseas online shopping Chinese electronic product transaction volume was 880,000 pieces in 2017, and reached 2.15 million pieces in 2018, an increase of 143%. Air purifiers, wireless vacuum cleaners and smart phones made in China are among the top 10 overseas online shopping popular products of eBay Korea in the first half of 2018.

In the overseas direct purchase section of a shopping website in South Korea, Chinese air purifiers are recognized by Korean consumers: “it only takes two days from placing an order to receiving the goods, the design is exquisite, the sound is small, the indoor air is obviously improved and very easy to use. “

With the popularity of Chinese products rising, shopping websites in South Korea have taken various measures to improve the overseas online shopping experience of Chinese products. They are actively signing contracts with Chinese product manufacturers to increase the types and quantity of goods to be supplied. Meanwhile, they are deeply cooperating with Chinese logistics companies to minimize the delivery time.

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