Southwest Airlines announced that it will allow Apple Pay for everything from tickets to meals

Southwest Airlines announced in a press release this week that it has added Apple Pay to its App, allowing passengers to use Apple’s payment service to buy tickets, in-flight meals and baggage options.

Photo credit:unplash

On Wednesday, the Apple Pay service appeared in Southwest Airlines’ app, offering users alternatives to traditional credit and debit card payments, as well as existing support for PayPal.

Christopher Priebe, Director of Finance and Risk at Southwest Airlines, said the launch of Apple Pay enhanced our ability to sell flights and use accessories for one of the most widely used digital wallets in North America.

Southwest Airlines implemented the latest Apple Pay integration through years of cooperation with CellPoint Digital, a Digital payment company, and with the help of UATP, an airline payment network.

With CellPoint, airlines can use a payment system run by 350 partners, including Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Wechat Pay, Alipay and Google Pay.

Like other major airlines, Southwest has integrated many mobile technologies in its iOS applications, such as Wallet.

With the new Apple Pay feature, users will be able to purchase airline tickets from a carrier’s app — using an Apple Card if they wish — and store them in their Wallet for exchange.

Southwest Airlines has worked with Apple in the past to offer iPad to travelers as a form of in-flight entertainment, and most recently offered free streaming access to Beats Music, Apple Music’s predecessor, in 2014.