Tencent executives said they would speed up the promotion of WeChat payments to the United States

According to media reports, a tencent executive said it would speed up the promotion of WeChat payment services to the us, hinting that more us merchants will use WeChat payment later this year.


WeChat payment allows users to show merchants a qr code to shopping. WeChat has over 1 billion users worldwide, about 800 million of which use WeChat payment.

Tencent has been expanding its payment services overseas, but instead of developing local versions of WeChat in other countries, it has signed up with merchants in those countries so that Chinese tourists can use WeChat to pay overseas.

Tencent is about to announce that more U.S. merchants will accept WeChat payments later this year.

” the us is also the market we are looking at now, and you will see a lot of us merchants accepting WeChat payments after July,””Yin jie, head of WeChat’s cross-border business, said on Thursday.

She said: “In fact, now at the airport and some duty-free shops, merchants have accepted WeChat payment, because the United States is a very important country, there are many businesses, we need to step by step.

Last year tencent teamed up with Citcon, the us mobile payment platform, to bring WeChat payments into North America. Yin said the company is concerned about signing up merchants that are popular among Chinese tourists.

“First, we will choose some of the stores that Chinese tourists like, such as discount and duty-free shops and some famous restaurants,” she said. “next, we may try to find smaller stores such as supermarkets, convenience stores and transportation services such as taxis.” We will also look for big businesses that Chinese tourists like, and then we will expand to small businesses.”

Regarding the sino-us trade war, Yin said she was not worried because WeChat payments provided co-branding with new ways to attract Chinese tourists.