The Mall center (MOA) integrates alipay and WeChat to attract 90 percent of Chinese tourists

Media reports August 14: the U.S. shopping center (MOA) announced a partnership with Citcon on August 13.
Citcon Company’s main business is to provide customers with international mobile payment and sales services.

According to the statement, Citcon will promote its mobile payment services in selected Moa stores, customer service areas and the Nick Universe theme park (Nickelodeon universe) to meet the needs of international tourists shopping.

The partnership with Citcon is currently a crucial event for the us shopping center MOA.

China has been the world’s top tourism exporter for five consecutive years, with Chinese tourists accounting for 21 percent of global tourism consumption.

In the United States alone, 5 million Chinese tourists are expected to spend $80 billion in 2020.

About 65 percent of Chinese tourists are accustomed to using mobile payments when traveling overseas, compared with just 11 percent of non-chinese tourists, according to a report jointly released by alipay and Nielsen.

More importantly for MOA and other merchants in the us, more than 90 per cent of Chinese tourists said they would prefer to use mobile payments overseas if they could choose. This indicates that merchants should consider implementing mobile payment functions to encourage more consumers to consume.

Chinese tourists have great spending power. On recent overseas trips alone, Chinese consumers spent $762 per person on shopping, far more than non-chinese tourists spent $486.

According to a report released by Nielsen, duty-free stores are the most popular shopping locations for Chinese tourists, with a patronizing rate of 62%, followed by department stores and supermarkets, with 47% of Chinese tourists visiting.

Support for mobile payments reduces conflicts in checkout for merchants, and payments can be made anywhere in the store, making it easier. It can also help users get coupons, or use location-based services to find nearby stores.

Chinese tourists have cited “convenience, swiftness and friendliness” as the main reason for their use of mobile payments overseas.

Citcon helps merchants support qr code mobile wallets, such as alipay and WeChat payments. More than 1 billion Chinese consumers worldwide use such payment and communication methods.

With the change, China has come from behind in the application of mobile payments, leading the US.

Most of China, especially in some urban areas, has achieved no cash payments.

At the same time, the growing middle class in the developing world is beginning to hope to enjoy the same convenience when traveling abroad.

Many Chinese tourists like to visit shopping in the us or visit popular attractions, and MOA’s partnership with Citcon is a new way to attract Chinese tourists.