The united Arab emirates has deepened cooperation with alipay in multiple stores in dubai

The United Arab Emirates will further deepen its partnership with China’s internet giant Alibaba Group, according to the Jordanian News network media MenaFn.

According to news, the UAE International Network company confirmed in October with Alipay signed a mobile payment cooperation agreement for Chinese consumers.

Alipay confirmed that the move was aimed at enhancing the links between the UAE merchants and the growing number of Chinese outbound tourists, so as to facilitate travel consumption by Chinese tourists within the UAE.

The UAE International Network company will act as a billing partner and solution provider for Alipay’s mobile-based devices in the sale of stores and online transactions. The agency currently serves more than 70,000 stores and more than 200 financial institutions in 55 countries around the world.

As early as February this year, Alipay official Weibo has been revealed that Alipay has officially landed in the UAE, Dubai cafes, restaurants, department stores, etc., are “help you pick up the Alipay.”

“Whether you want to see blue skies and white clouds, middle eastern culture, or urban architecture, just sign on + alipay and take your passport with you.

Almost at the same time as the official micro announcement, Dubai luxury retailer Al Tayer insignia confirmed that they will access Alipay as the latest payment method in their branded stores.

Al Tayer Group is the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East, owned by the retailer, including Harvey Nichols ‘ Dubai store, Bloomingdale’s Dubai fashion and household goods store, and a number of luxury retail outlets, including the leather accessories brand coach.

In addition, Alipay can also be used by Al Tayer Group’s Dubai Mall and food and beverage stores in the Mall of the Emirates. Includes Momo, Caffe Nero, Emporio Armani Caffe, Magnolia Bakery and other cafes. Al Tayer insignia also intends to extend Alipay to other stores in the UAE before the summer.

“We will be the first UAE retailer to launch Alipay online,” said Al Tayer insignia, chief executive of the board. China is one of the fastest growing tourist markets in Dubai, with Alipay joining in, believing that Chinese tourists will enjoy great shopping convenience. ”

According to official figures, alipay is the world’s largest third-party payment platform, with more than 520 million active users in China. Alipay’s entry into the uae is significant.

The UAE is the most open country in the Gulf Coutries, with most e-commerce headquarters in the Middle East located in Dubai. Alipay is currently only connected to offline retailers, and if it cooperates with e-commerce, it will have a great effect on the UAE e-commerce.

Even in the near future, taobao is likely to follow alipay into the Middle East.