Turkey opens China UnionPay QR code payment

China UnionPay International recently announced cooperation with the Turkish DenizBank, the first time to open a China UnionPay QR Code payment service. This year, UnionPay ‘s “cloud pay” customers will be able to pay by scanning a code at 35,000 merchants in Turkey.

At present, China UnionPay “cloud payment” users can enjoy UnionPay mobile payment services in 47 countries and regions, including opening cloud payment APP to pay by scanning code and launching mobile payment by “swiping”.

Among them, the service scope of scanning code payment covers more than 200,000 merchants in 29 countries and regions outside China. After this cooperation, a large number of tourism, retail and catering businesses in Turkey will accept UnionPay QR codes, further enriching the cross-border use of “cloud payment”.

According to relevant officials of China UnionPay international, in combination with the rapid growth of domestic users of “cloud payment”, UnionPay actively expands the acceptance scope of overseas mobile payment to better meet the needs of cardholders for cross-border mobile payment.

Denizbank is the first bank in Turkey to offer UnionPay CARDS to all its ATM and merchants, who saw a sharp rise in transactions last year, according to officials.

In the Middle East, China UnionPay CARDS have been launched in 11 countries and regions. More than 80% of atms and nearly 90% of merchants in Turkey support UnionPay CARDS. As local state-owned bank VakifBank successively opens all its merchants and atms to accept UnionPay CARDS, Turkey will basically realize the full coverage of UnionPay CARDS this year.