WeChat payment for entry to schiphol airport in the Netherlands

As one of the largest established aviation hubs in Europe, Holland Schiphol Airport has been working to enhance the service experience for visitors from all over the world.

According to Schiphol airport, more than half a million Chinese tourists visit the airport every year through 3,328 flights.

How to help Chinese tourists to overcome the obstacles of language exchange, optimize the time utilization rate, and provide a convenient payment experience has become an urgent problem to be solved in Schiphol airport.

In order to better enhance the visitor experience from China, May 17 local time, WeChat payment and Schiphol Airport announced that 80% of the airport has opened WeChat payment, which will bring convenience to the tourist life of Chinese tourists.

WeChat, known as Weixin (WeChat) in China, was founded by Chinese Internet giant tencent in 2011. In European eyes, it looks like WhatsApp, but has special functions, such as voice input, because it takes more time to input Chinese text. With new features, WeChat has become the iDeal of apps in recent years: WeChat now includes both WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Tikkie and iDeal.

Small program + WeChat payment wisdom solution into the view of Schiphol Airport.

As the first European airport to offer a full range of services using a small program, the “Amsterdam Schiphol Airport” program can check flight information in real time. Chinese tourists can also pre-order various goods from duty-free shops at the airport 30 days to 24 hours in advance through a small program, and pick up goods offline.

Direct payment is done by scanning the QR code at the payment terminal at checkout.

Schiphol Airport is the third airport WeChat payment airport to achieve this function outside China, previously Sapporo (Sapporo) and Singapore airports in Japan.

Fan, senior director of WeChat payments, said the collaboration was another milestone in the expansion of WeChat’s floating payments to Europe. “From the center of this European continent, we will continue to deepen the application of WeChat payment wisdom solutions in all walks of life in Europe, replicating Chinese innovation around the world, allowing Chinese tourists to travel outside the home and live as smart a life as on their doorstep.” ”

As Chinese tourists travel the world, WeChat payment also accelerates the ecological layout of global airports. Currently, more than 149 overseas international airports have been connected to wechat.