WeChat payment helps Silla duty-free shop in South Korea to upgrade into a cross-border e-commerce

According to Yonhap on March 12, previously, from the south Korean Shilla duty-free shop WeChat public number to the online duty-free shop, only allow registered members and participate in activities,users can only pay shopping in the application of the Shilla duty free store. Now buyers can pay WeChat through the official account.

Image source: pixabay

It is understood that from March 12, WeChat payment and South Korea Shilla online duty-free shop to deepen cooperation, South Korea Shilla duty-free shop for the first time to upgrade the official account of WeChat cross-border e-commerce official account, to provide a series of services such as shopping to members.

According to reports, Shilla online duty Free Shop has opened the public number as early as 2011, but only to provide membership registration and information push services. This time, the Shilla online duty-free shop will “move” the goods into the public number, providing WeChat users with membership registration, commodity and activity information access, shopping one-stop service.
At the same time, the public account to maintain the login status and other functions, to solve the problem of repeated login members.

To commemorate the opening of WeChat cross-border e-commerce services, the South Korea’s Shilla online duty free shop will also provide special additional points for WeChat payment for users who are shopping for the first time through the Shilla Duty free shop public number.

The Shilla duty-free shop believes the move could help Chinese tourists to be more fluent shopping, yonhap said.