WeChat payment users in Japan will be able to scan LINE Pay QR code payment

WeChat payment from China and LINE Pay from Japan announced on August 16 that the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the field of mobile payment and officially launch the integration of WeChat payment capabilities for all merchants covered by LINE Pay.

After the integration of the two companies’ products, the QR code of LINE Pay in Japan will be able to use multiple codes. WeChat payment users can scan the qr code of LINE Pay and use the balance of WeChat payment wallet to make the payment.

As a mainstream mobile payment service provider in Japan, LINE Pay has completed deep coverage at online merchants in Japan, with the help of LINE Pay’s network, WeChat payment will provide Chinese tourists with a convenient payment experience “accessible anywhere”.

Japanese businesses can also quickly connect with WeChat’s 1.133 billion active users to share the dividends of the growing Chinese tourist market.

LINE Pay’s “one-size-a-more” integrated system based on WeChat Pay and LINE Pay in Japan, Japanese merchants can open mobile payment services between China and Japan through a QR code. Merchants can accept both Japanese local users’ using LINE Pay and Chinese tourists’ using WeChat payment.

At the same time, this move can be completed through a single account background management, which greatly improves the management efficiency while eliminating the barrier of Chinese tourists’ payment.

So far, WeChat payment has more than 800 million monthly active users, with an average daily trading volume of more than 1 billion times, and has been compliant with over 49 overseas countries and regions, supporting direct transactions in 16 currencies.

WeChat payment will continue to work with partners including LINE Pay to effectively improve the outbound travel experience of Chinese tourists and help overseas businesses to share the dividends of China’s outbound travel market.