2018 Nordic E-Commerce industry value of 21.87 billion Euros

By 2018, the Nordic countries ‘ e-commerce industry was worth SEK 230.2 billion, or 21.87 billion Euros, according to reports from the European e-Commerce news website. The largest share of this online turnover comes from Sweden, which also has the largest number of online shopping users in northern Europe.

61% of Nordic Consumers shopping online

Nordic e-commerce market maturity, high Internet penetration rate, perfect infrastructure, high enthusiasm of e-commerce participants, very conducive to online sales and purchase.

In 2018, 61% of Nordic people bought goods online. A decade ago, it was only 21% per cent. 15.9% of e-commerce consumption in the Nordic region is purchased from outside Europe.

Estimated amount of average monthly online consumption in major European countries, 2018 (unit: SEK):

Among them: Sweden’s average monthly online consumption estimate of SEK 2060, Denmark’s average monthly online consumption estimate of SEK 2291, Norway’s average monthly online consumption estimate of SEK 2237, Finland’s average monthly online consumption estimated amount of SEK 1620.

Percentage of people in major European countries who are online shopping in 2018:

Among them: Swedes account for 68% of the population online shopping, the proportion of Danes who shop online is 62%, the proportion of people who shop online in Norway is 66%, and the proportion of people who shop online in Finland accounts for 48%.

Popular online product category in northern Europe

In northern Europe, the most popular product categories purchased online are clothing and footwear (36%), Consumer Electronics (25%), Media (25%) and beauty and health (22%).

When Nordic consumers shop across borders,, they mostly buy from online stores in America, Britain, Sweden, Germany and China. According to the survey, 14% of Danish consumers, 13% of Norwegian consumers and 23% of Finnish consumers are shopping on Swedish e-commerce sites.

38% of Finnish consumers like to shop online across borders, while 34% of Norwegian, 27% of Danes and 18% of Swedes do the same. Overall, 29% of consumers in Northern Europe shop mainly through online cross-border platforms.

Specifically, the Nordic e-commerce development environment is good, countries consumer network purchase orientation is different, of which:

Sweden is the largest electricity market in the Nordic region, where consumers are keen to buy beauty and health products online, with the highest proportion of online shoppers between the ages of 18 and 29 in Sweden.

Danish consumers value whether e-commerce sellers are willing to offer a wide range of logistics options, with a particular preference for door-to-door delivery. Online consumers in Denmark spend the most on grocery products. Danish consumers are particularly keen to buy UK products online when it comes to cross-border online shopping.

Norwegian consumers have the strongest interest in e-commerce platforms, buying the most sports and leisure products. A 71% of Norwegian consumers aged between 18 and 29 buy online every month.

Finnish online shoppers have the highest proportion of online purchases, and most consumers in the country like e-commerce sellers to distribute their products to parcel access machines. Notably, Finnish consumers are most keen on cross-border online shopping for clothing and footwear products, while they spend the most on beauty and health products each month.

Overall, the Nordic region e-commerce market maturity is high, internet penetration rate is high, infrastructure is perfect, e-commerce participants are highly motivated, very conducive to online sales and purchase.