Alipay brush face equipment dragonfly second generation shipment 10,000 units

On April 19, Alipay said on its official Weibo account that it had shipped 10,000 units of the “dragonfly” second-generation face-brushing payment machine two days after its launch.

On April 17, at the alipay Open Day in Beijing, alipay announced the launch of the second generation of “dragonfly”, a face-brushing payment tool based on offline consumption scenes, priced at 1999 yuan, down nearly 30 percent from the first generation.

Compared with the previous generation of products, the new dragonfly overall “slimming”, display from 10 inches to 8 inches, the thickness of the reduction of 3/4, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by 55%, after folding and disassembly as the size of a book can be put into the coat pocket. The new dragonfly brushes the face payment machine and does not need any external equipment, plug in the power can be used.

It is understood that the new Dragonfly to achieve the function of brush face Registration membership card, the early pilot shows that the conversion rate of brush face registered members than the traditional mode of more than 6 times times.

In addition, alipay also said that after the launch of self-checkout machines and face-brushing payments in supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacies, alipay has effectively alleviated the phenomenon of checkout queues in peak hours, and the efficiency of cash collection and settlement has increased by more than 50%.

This batch of products originally planned to be sold until April 31, but did not think that the second generation of Dragonfly face payment equipment once released encountered capacity problems, A thousand of the devices released at the event were snapped up.

Alipay also revealed that in the future, the incentive investment in facial payment will be as high as 3 billion yuan.

Dragonfly Operation Award will be in accordance with RMB 0.7 yuan, daily weight, monthly cumulative number of effective brush face users to subsidize, monthly reward capping RMB 400 yuan, but equipment capping reward 1200 yuan, reward valid for up to 5 months.

Perhaps, when facial payment enters people’s field of vision with a kind and convenient posture, it will be greeted by a silent revolution of traditional industry and better and better product experience of consumers.