Uber Eats launches Apple Pay payment feature

Uber Eats is the first standalone app to launch in the five years since Uber launched its main app, and Uber Eats has been thinking about ways to improve consumers’ delivery experience.

Photo credit:wikimedia.org

Uber Eats recently announced that it will offer Apple pay options in more than 20 operating markets from now on, allowing consumers to order meals on the Uber Eats app using faster, more convenient and secure payment methods.

Uber has supported users ‘ use of Apple pay since 2014, and it’s as simple as using a face ID or Touch ID on an iPhone for passengers who are used to paying with Apple pays without having to manually enter lengthy account information or credit card numbers.

Security and privacy are at the heart of Apple pay, and when you use a credit card through Apple pay, the actual card number is not stored on a device or server, but instead assigns a set of appliance accounts that are encrypted and securely stored in a security device on your device, each of which is licensed with a one-time dynamic security code.

Uber Eats very happy provide Apple Pay payment options, let consumer in addition to credit card and Apple Pay choice, this service will be in Belgium, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the united Arab emirates, United Kingdom and the United States and other markets.