Alipay works with Ininal to provide payment services to Turkish Chinese tourists

Turkey’s leading a new generation of payment platform Multinet Up subsidiary ininal announced with Alibaba’s Ant financial services group operating Alipay cooperation. Chinese mainland tourists will be able to use alipay in brick-and-mortar stores in Turkey. Ininal, a leading fintech company, became alipay’s first partner in Turkey.

Photo credit: PR Newswire

The service will first be offered in Dorak Holding stores. Dorak Holding is a travel company that organises all events for tourists and manages businesses across Turkey, serving more than 85% of Chinese Turkish tourists. Merchants accepting alipay include Turkish specialty retailers, cappadocia hot-air balloons, shops, hotels and Turkish restaurants. Chinese tourists visiting Istanbul and cappadocia can pay by using the same alipay app that scans the qr code displayed on the card terminal at checkout.

With the cooperation of ininal and Alipay, Alipay users can pay in RMB during their trip to Turkey, and Turkish merchants will also be able to accept Chinese tourists ‘ payment in US dollars at Dorak Tour locations.

Later this summer, Turkish merchants will be able to accept Turkish lira payments at Multinet up new and old businesses, including global restaurant chains and retailers. Ininal’s parent company, has more than 40000 merchants Multinet Up Turkey’s leading financial services company will use its experience in establishing network and infrastructure to expand the recognition of alipay.

Ininal and Multinet Up will work with Alipay, Turkey’s network will be further expanded. Jewelers, luxury clothing stores, museums and duty-free shops are expected to join in the near future.

Article Source: PR Newswire