Aliyun and Alipay jointly developed blockchain healthcare

According to media reports, during the first world health expo, Aliyun announced that the blockchain medical solution jointly developed by Aliyun and Alipay has been officially applied to the electronic prescription of wuhan central hospital in China.

The central hospital in Wuhan, China, has also become the first “Hospital of the future” to apply the technology program.


According to reports, the “Future Hospital” project combines Ali Health, Alipay, Aliyun three technical support, It provides the five core contents of the hospital — medical assistant, blockchain technology, full-course face-brushing, video consultation and online prescription application.

The blockchain medical solution is based on alibaba cloud blockchain service (BaaS) and alipay’s ant blockchain technology. It can open up the hospital to prescribe, pharmacist trial, drug distribution, drug payment, process supervision and other links.

In the future, patient information, prescription information and drug circulation information will be encrypted and desensitized through blockchain technology to ensure that prescriptions are not tampered with in the process of circulation, so as to ensure the safety of patients’ multi-channel drug purchase.