Unlimited withdrawal is available between WorldFirst and Alipay

Recently, at the alibaba cross-border summit, Jeff Parker, general manager of WorldFirst Asia Pacific, said that after being acquired by ant financial, WorldFirst and Alipay will be able to carry out unlimited withdrawal without transaction limit.

This means that users can withdraw from WorldFirst’s account to Alipay, and there is no limit or amount of trading in the withdrawal process. At the same time, users can also conduct direct transactions between accounts in other countries through the WorldFirst platform.

WorldFirst was established in the UK in 2004 and is dedicated to global payment and receipt. Currently, it has more than 600 employees and has completed 70 billion pounds of transfer work. In February this year, WorldFirst completed the ownership change and officially joined hands with Alipay to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of ant financial group.

At present, WorldFirst has obtained relevant licenses in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and cooperated with barclays bank, citibank, deutsche bank, industrial and commercial bank of China and other global Banks.