Amazon Starbucks access bitcoin payment–encrypted payment ERA comes

Over the years, some businesses have started trying to accept Bitcoin, but many have eventually given up, in part because of the slow processing of cryptographic money networks.

Cryptocurrencies have struggled to break into mainstream business since their introduction a decade ago.

A new project announced Monday could soon change that. Major retailers including Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom and amazon’s Whole Foods will accept bitcoin and three other digital currencies.

After drinking coffee in starbucks, you can use bitcoin directly.

Today, Starbucks still appears to be the Internet’s genetically powerful company. One manifestation of this is that in mobile payments in the United States, Starbucks has beaten Apple pay, Google pay and Samsung paid, and Starbucks APP payment has become the most popular mobile payment method in the United States.

And now, Starbucks is shifting towards a new type of payment.

The service was launched by payment startup Flexa and the Winkleworth brothers ‘ digital currency exchange Gemini, which works by using digital scanners used by many large retailers that can accept mobile payments from digital wallet apps such as Apple pay.

What Flexa did was convince retailers – including Regal Cinemas, Gamestop and Baskin Robbins – to update their scanners to recognize payments from their cryptocurrency app Spedn. Customers can pay simply by showing their app. Store cashiers often don’t even realize that customers are using cryptocurrencies to pay, and merchants receive their choice of real-time payment form (cryptocurrency or dollars).

On the consumer side, the Flexa system opens the door to easy use of cryptocurrencies in stores. That doesn’t mean only a few people will do it, though, especially since other payment options aren’t too problematic.

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