Apple Pay expands again and now covers 65% retail stores across the United States

Apple Pay expands again and now covers 65% retail stores across the United States

Tuesday local time, Apple said, according to Tech news website CNET, Apple’s contactless payment service Apple Pay will land at the Target store, Taco Bell Restaurant, Jack in the box restaurant, speedway convenience store and Hy-vee supermarket.

It is the latest expansion of Apple Pay as it competes with mobile payment services from Samsung, Google and others.

Since Tuesday local time, 245 Hy-vee supermarkets in the Midwest, as well as 3,000 speedway convenience stores across the central and western, east and south-east of the United States, have begun to support Apple Pay.

The service is expected to reach 1,850 target stores, 7,000 Taco Bell stores and 2,200 Jack in The Box stores nationwide in The coming months.

Apple says 65 percent of its U.S. retail stores currently support Apple Pay. Apple Pay is supported by 74 of the top 100 us merchants.

In the 2018, 95% of 7-11 convenience stores across the United States supported Apple Pay. Last year, discount retailer COSTCO introduced Apple Pay into its 500 stores, and CVS pharmacies introduced Apple Pay to about 8400 of its independent stores.

“We are delighted that more customers are able to pay with their carry-on Apple devices in their favourite stores and restaurants,” Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services, Jennifer Belly in a statement. ”

Apple says it is slightly profitable on Apple Pay. The main purpose of the service seems to be to keep iPhone users hooked on their devices.

Part of the article cited: CNET