Apple Pay has officially launched in Iceland

Apple pay has officially landed in Iceland without warning. Bank customers in Iceland can use the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch to complete payments at contactless cashier terminals. International Payment Solutions company Valitor is a major credit for Apple pay to land in Iceland, and Landsbankinn and Arion Banki are now the first Icelandic banks to support Apple pay, the source said.

Earlier, PAYPAY. ME website, which reports that Apple pay is about to land in the Netherlands, now looks like Iceland is one step ahead of the Netherlands. Related article click here: ING announced that Apple Pay is coming to the Netherlands

Apple Pay first launched in the United States in October 2014 and has since been launched in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Japan, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, Ukraine and the united Arab emirates.