Scanning code payment is not as good as sweeping their face pay: nearly 1,000 7-11 stores in China upgrade face payment

On May 9, 7-11, the international famous retailer 7-11 announced full access to brush face payment, covering nearly 1,000 7-11 stores in more than 11 cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan, China.

“Brush face payment is very popular, and it has been used in our store for only one month, far exceeding the proportion of mobile payment in the previous six months,” said Xu shengli, deputy general manager of 7-11 south China.

Alipay said it will cooperate fully with 7-11 on membership and other aspects, “Dragonfly’s brush face registered members can help businesses seize customers in the cashier’s just a few seconds, so that it becomes a multi-dimensional digital operation from a single checkout, in addition to the payment, through the alipay small program to complete the identification, voucher, verification and other package operations, to provide various means of operation for merchants.

Compared with the mainstream two-dimensional code payment,Brush face payment saves the need to open the two-dimensional code and other links, and the payment efficiency is higher and more convenient.

On December 13 last year, Alipay released the first manual cashier’s brush Face payment machine dragonfly, lightweight shape, plug and play, the face of the face payment equipment cost reduced by 80%, accelerating the commercialization.

Half a month later, on December 27 last year, the Chinese chain Wedome announced that it would tap into Alipay to pay for “dragonfly”, one of the first merchants to land.

Wedome said that after the access to brush face payment equipment “Dragonfly”, cashier efficiency increased by more than 60%, to avoid the user queuing in the peak situation. At the same time, due to improved user experience and attracting more young customers, the number of young users has increased by 50% to 60%.

April 17 this year, Alipay released the second generation of dragonflies, in addition to the cost continues to decline 30%, at the same time also realized the brush face Registration membership card function, The previous pilot showed that the conversion rate of the registered members of the brush face could be increased by more than 6 times compared with the traditional mode.

For consumers, brushing face payments undoubtedly eliminates the hassle of  they worry about mobile phone no electricity and always opening APPS, especially for groups such as the elderly. According to the survey, 85% of users are now willing to pay using biometric technology such as face swipe payment.

For businesses, dragonfly can significantly reduce the time to pay, reduce labor costs, brush face payment this novel payment method, but also to attract users to the store, increase customer flow of the weapon.