Apple pushes Apple Pay cash again

What is Apple Pay Cash? Apple Pay Cash is an app launched by Apple,Apple Pay Cash allows users to transfer money quickly and securely with friends or family through Apple Pay.

The money received will also be immediately deposited into a new Apple Pay Cash card, which can also be added to the Wallet app and used immediately.

For example, Apple Pay Cash is a perfect solution if you want to make up to a colleague who brought you a cup of coffee on the way to work.

Consumer Reports, an authoritative American magazine, has conducted a comparative test of the 5 most popular personal transfer systems on the U.S. market, the result shows that Apple Pay Cash is the best. Apple pay cash successfully beat Venmo and Square. In addition to Apple Pay Cash, other personal transfer services tested include Zella, Square Cash, Venmo and FaceBook messaging app.

Aspects of the evaluation include security, privacy, and technical support. As a result, Apple Pay Cash is way ahead of its competitors on all fronts.

Apple pay Cash has the highest security and privacy scores, and these two are the most important for payment products.

It seems that Apple Pay Cash is extremely secure and private, and its market share should be able to beat these rivals. But it’s been a while since Apple Pay Cash was introduced and the market hasn’t had a strong reaction。This time Apple is in a hurry, On January 24th it launched three new ads to promote the campaign, which at first glance seemed “rudimentary”, filmed with only a mobile phone and a cash register.
The three commercials are part of the “they transfer, you consume” series.

The first AD was “Salsa,” and the family told “me” to bring home some hot onion sauce. Relentless “I” reply who eat who pay, So the family transferred cash through Apple Pay cash, and the “I” who received the money took out the phone and finished the deal directly on the cash register.

The second AD is “father’s gift”. “I” found clothes suitable for my father during the trip. “I” didn’t have the money to pay, so “I” asked my father for money to buy it, But Dad loved the dress, and he immediately transferred it with Apple Pay cash, and “I” took out his phone again to complete the deal.

The third piece of advertising was to eat donuts, so he passed it on to his dad and asked him to pay for it with Apple paid cash.

Showcase the convenience and speed of Apple Pay cash transfers with just 15-second-length ads, transferring money in a traditional banking system depends on manual confirmation and weekday waiting, and by Apple Pay cash simply transfer money in Imassage SMS and then use it with no restrictions at will.

All Apple Pay Cash transactions are done through the messaging app on the iPhone (and the Apple Watch running watchOS 4.2). Apple Pay Cash is built into the information app, and clicking on the app will pop up the Apple Pay Cash interface. Here, you can choose to send or request funds in a one-to-one message session.
Apple Pay Cash is essentially a virtual prepaid card.

Users can use it for Apple Pay payments as long as they make sure they have enough change in Apple Pay Cash.At the same time, you can also transfer money from cash to friends and family through imessage, or to your own bank account.

The fast and simple virtual wallet service, which is not limited by bank speed, seems to have become part of our lives.

Like Alipay and WeChat wallet, Apple Pay Cash provides a set of virtual payment services: it can recharge the account from the bank card, and transfer the balance to the bank card. Of course, Apple also recommends setting it as the default payment account, and Apple Pay Cash can also clearly and intuitively manage the fund transactions with friends.

Apple pay has now been rolled out to dozens of countries, including China, where you can use this Quick payment feature on your iphone, ipad, or Apple Watch.

At a time when the service strategy is getting higher, will apple extract Apple Pay cash and provide cross-platform services like Apple Music? Just wait and see.