Watch payment arrival—- Samsung Pay Watch Edition January 24 officially launched in China

With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, people’s demand and dependence on mobile intelligent devices are deepening.Mobile payment applications have seen explosive growth, and more and more consumers are more accustomed to using mobile payment methods in their daily life.

In order to further improve consumers’ experience and enrich application scenarios, Samsung Galaxy Watch officially supported Samsung Pay function on January 24 after Samsung Pay function was installed on smart phones。Samsung mobile phone users in China can use this feature, using bound bank cards, traffic cards to enjoy a more convenient mobile payment experience, lift their hands, you can easily complete the payment.

Compared with mobile payment, Samsung Galaxy Watch has more unique advantages in the field of mobile payment. In the face of frequent small payments or special environmental conditions, the smart watch on the lifting hand can easily complete the payment, which greatly simplifies the payment process. When travelling on public transport on a daily basis, you can also enjoy this convenience, free your hands at the same time, so that travel becomes more easy.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with NFC(near field communication) technology, which can be paired with the Samsung mobile phone. After logging in the account and setting the digital password, users can add bank card, transportation card and other accounts. When using Samsung Galaxy Watch to make payment, the operation is simple and convenient. Simply press the [back] button in any screen interface, select the bank card and click the [payment] option. And in the bus or subway ride, the supporting traffic card function is not required to verify the whole process, as long as the top of the watch close to the bus card reader or subway brake, You will complete the “swipe” into the station.

In order to bring about a broader payment experience, Samsung has opened up close cooperation with China UnionPay and banks to exchange Bank servers with bank cards in watches through the UnionPay platform, allowing consumers to use the bank card in Samsung Pay through Samsung Galaxy watch.

The Samsung Pay function provides a smart and fast experience. When you use the Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist, it will also give you a safer environment. The sensor on the back of the watch can detect the wearing of the watch and ensure the safety of each transaction.
Samsung Pay watch version also provides watch PIN authentication, payment Token and Samsung’s unique Knox security solution to ensure the security of payment transactions.

The Samsung pay function are a combination of innovative and traditional-innovation, and it also brings A new trend of intelligent payment to consumers.