Artificial intelligence technology will boost Israel’s economic growth

Judging from past events such as Intel’s acquisition of Israeli technology company Mobileye, Google Acquisition Wize Map App,Facebook acquisition Onavo Data application Analysis Company, We can see that AI technology will help Israel’s economic growth.

Especially for the recent two years of AI entrepreneurship, the Israeli Government’s deliberate guide to the Science and technology Entrepreneurship framework continues to play a key role.

The Government of Israel has emphasized the ability to strengthen the coordination of industrial organizations, bringing together countries, universities and overseas investment resources to guide the development of startups. At the same time, the Israeli government opened up the conversion of military technology to civilian use, and encouraged entrepreneurship within the army and its comrades to become entrepreneurial partners, which has become one of the main themes of Israel’s scientific and technological entrepreneurship.

In particular, the Israeli government’s intentionally guided framework for tech entrepreneurship continues to play a key role in the recent boom in AI entrepreneurship.

A recent Israeli report supports this view.

The Israeli Innovation Authority released a report on high-tech development on the 14th, saying that artificial intelligence technology will help Israel’s economic growth, Israel needs to fully allocate resources and develop a national ai strategy to ensure its position in the international competition in this field.

‘AI technology plays an important role in industrial development’ the report said. for countries, industries and companies that have achieved a leading position in this field, the technology is expected to be an important engine for its development.

Israel’s Innovation Bureau CEO Aharon Ahalong said in the report, the global competition for ai technology has already begun, and for Israel to continue to lead in the global technology competition, it must fully allocate resources and develop a national AI strategy Shared by the government, academia and industry.

Israel, hailed as a “start-up nation” for its innovative research and development, has lagged behind in the development of artificial intelligence technology, the report said. In addition to the formulation of national strategies, it is also necessary to promote from four aspects: strengthening academic research in the field of artificial intelligence, increasing the input of human resources in this field, promoting the research and infrastructure construction serving the academic and industrial sectors, and promoting the application of artificial intelligence technology in various industries.

The report also showed that Israel’s high-tech industry raised more than $6 billion in financing in 2018, up from $5.2 billion in 2017.