Only 3 countries around the world basically achieve cashless payments, travel abroad should pay attention to!

In recent years, many online payment platforms have appeared all over the world, and cashless payment is becoming more and more popular.

Now, as long as there is a mobile phone, you can use mobile payment APP to deal with everything. Especially in the travel time is particularly convenient, do not need to carry cash, not afraid of losing or worry about the problem of counterfeit notes.
A cashless society is inevitable in the future, but so far there are only three countries in the world that are basically cashless, and we can travel to these countries without cash at all.

The three countries are:

1. China

Mobile payments are so popular in China that even small shops on the street can use them. Ant Financial’s alipay and Tencent’s WeChat payment are the most extensive. As long as you have Alipay and WeChat, you don’t need to take any cash when you travel in Chinese cities, no matter in a car, a hotel, a meal or a ticket, you only need a mobile phone for shopping. Cashless payments in China are the most popular in terms of cashless coverage.

2. Sweden
Sweden is also a big tourist country in the world. Only 27% of transactions in Sweden are cash transactions, and the rest are paid online.

Sweden is already considered the world’s most cashless country. More swedes are using CARDS instead of cash, according to Riksbank.
At present, more than 1600 commercial banks in Sweden, more than 900 no longer provide cash services, rural areas no longer retain ATMs, commercial enterprises to reject cash has been legalized.
In Stockholm you can pay a street hawker with a credit card.
Swedes use a popular app called Swish to make payments. Visitors can use a credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Basically, all three are enough.
Many stores, restaurants and bank branches refuse to process cash because consumers rarely use it, and retailers say they do not accept cash payments across the country.

3. Denmark
In Copenhagen you can buy a single shot espresso with your smartphone.
As early as 2014, the Danish government stopped printing banknotes and coins. Most people in this country in Denmark pay directly with credit cards。 In Denmark, with the exception of some government units that still accept cash, most deals rarely use cash, so it’s OK to travel to Denmark with a credit card that supports foreign currency settlement.

Compared with China, the United States still USES a very mature credit card system. Whether in roadside supermarkets or many department stores, the daily consumption in the United States is basically paid by credit card.
Since China has popularized the mobile Internet and realized cashless payment, it is indeed much more convenient to travel. It is expected that more countries will join the society of cashless payment, and then there will be no need to wait in line to exchange foreign currency when traveling abroad.