Boao Forum for Asia:guests thumb up alipay and admire China

At different sub-forums in Boao Asia in 2019, guests from all walks of life mentioned the need to learn Alipay and China to strengthen cooperation in mobile payments.

In the sub-Forum on “How cross-border e-commerce can overcome the challenges of globalization”, Richard Nash, vice president of PayPal, was asked “What’s the comment on Chinese rival Alipay”: He admired Chinese competitors very much, they had the strength, they did a great job.

“Italy wants to strengthen cooperation with China in this regard. “In different forums, Maik Gerachi, Italy’s deputy minister for Economic Development, was also full of praise for Alipay, “We want to learn from China and develop tools similar to Alipay, because these tools can effectively increase the speed of trading. By using these tools, people will be more willing to spend. “Italy wants to strengthen cooperation with China in this regard,” he said.

The development of electronic payments and Alipay, as well as the development of other technologies in China, have enabled efficiency gains. Professor Kent Kerd, director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Prof.Kent Calder mobile payments as an important part of China’s development experience.
“The technological revolution and financial developments have led to new incentives for economic growth, such as electronic payments, the development of Alipay and the development of other technologies in China, which have enabled efficiency gains, and the construction of new infrastructure between central Europe is an effective mechanism for stimulating economic growth,” he said.

“At this point, other countries can learn from China. “On this day, Apple vice president and Greater China Managing director Ge Yue in the” Data: huge resources to be developed “sub-forum, he also expressed the envy of China Mobile payment development:” China is leading mobile payments in the world, other parts of the world outside China. There is still an inconvenient situation, and at this point, other countries can learn from China. ”

Rough statistics, over the past year or so, more than 30 guests from all over the world have mentioned Alipay’s advanced experience in various international forums.

In fact, this is not the first time that countries in the Boao Forum to praise Alipay, as early as the March 2016 Boao Forum in Asia, by New Zealand women’s Prime Minister Jennifer Mary Shipley nee Robson praised the “Alipay” inclusive, friendly, and warm women’s temperament.

In his statement at the time, Jennifer Mary Shipley née Robson, referring to the shock felt during a visit to the Hangzhou PayPal headquarters, said Alipay had established a trust mechanism that had helped many people who lacked the ability to acquire assets and resources.
They can rely on their own human capital, behavior to accumulate credit, and then use credit to lend.