Does Alipay can speak French?– Financial science and technology to benefit all

“Does Alipay can speak French?” The President of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde asked.

“If there is a need, absolutely no problem!” Ant financial chairman and CEO Eric Jing replied.

Mentions Alipay app, estimated now no friends do not know.
Alipay has circled again at the World Bank annual meeting.

Does Alipay can speak French?

At the booth of Ant Financial, Eric Jing introduced she to the ant forest on the spot.
When the Ant forest is known to be less than 3 years old, more than 350 million users are involved in this green activity, Emission reduction over 2.83 million tons, the cumulative cultivation and maintenance of the true tree 55.52 million, guarding 39,000 acres of protected land, and become the world’s largest individual participation in environmental governance platform, Christina lagarde nodded her head in admiration.

Eric Jing also demonstrated to her on-site the Alipay dynamic QR code device, He said: “In China, the use of two-dimensional code of small businesses have reached tens of millions of,Entity small micro Merchant through a QR code can not only realize the data of the operation, Besides, in addition to receiving money, the company can enjoy multi-dimensional financial and technological services such as multi-collection and multi-guarantee, multi-collection and multi-loan, multi-collection and multi-credit, and business analysis.”

“That’s good!” commented Christine lagarde. Then, she asked with great interest,
“Does Alipay can speak French?”

“If there is a need, absolutely no problem!” Ant financial chairman and CEO Eric Jing replied.
It drew a laugh of satisfaction.

I know Bkash, very famous!

Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank who visited the exhibition, took a step late and shouted “Eric!” as soon as he entered the door, then strode over and greeted Eric Jing with a enthusiasm.
After watching the Ant Financial / Alipay booth, the two people went together to the “Bangladesh Alipay” bKash booth.
Not waiting for the staff to talk about, Jim Yong Kim said: “This bkash I know, very famous.”
It is understood that Bkash is the largest electronic wallet in Bangladesh, with 180,000 service network agents in urban and rural areas, and more than 80% Bangladeshi mobile phone recharge, remittance transfers, offline payments will be used to it, this is the Nineth “Alipay” to be built by Ant gold in the “Belt and Road” country and region, and local partners.

The potential of fintech to benefit all

Indeed, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have attached great importance to the leading experience in financial science and technology from China, and have been in close contact with Ant gold. As early as the beginning of 2015, the World Bank and Ant Financial Services cooperated with the first Internet Women’s Financial Plan. In April 2017, the IMF also specially invited ant financial to be a member of its fintech senior advisory group.

On October 1, at the IMF headquarters, Christine Lagarde published a keynote speech on “Managing rising risks and safeguarding the global economy”, again mentioning the potential of fintech to benefit all.
The charm of science and technology lies in the constant courage to innovate, Ant Financial is no exception, because only constant innovation can make the enterprise long-term development. Connect the world and let the world know about ant financial. Charity, education, environmental protection and other things are what ant financial’s Alipay has been doing.
It also provides us with an example of how to promote more inclusive, open and representative international cooperation in the context of globalization in order to serve the population more effectively,benefiting the development of global Fintech.