Facebook or will officially launch payment service to allow users to transfer money to each other

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who delivered a keynote speech at the F8 developer Conference, announced a new payment service that allows people to transfer money to each other. From the demo images, Facebook’s payment system will be tied to WhatsApp.

Mark zuckerberg said: “let’s talk about payments because that’s the part that particularly excites me. Because when I look at the different ways that people communicate privately, I think payment is one of the areas where we have the opportunity to make it easier, and it’s one of the most important things we can do. I believe that sending money to others should be as simple as sending photos, so we have tested about 1 million people in India. It is used in a large amount and the feedback is very good. Later this year, we will launch it in a number of other countries. ”

The global mobile payment market is booming, and more and more mobile phone chat clients are also starting to bundle mobile wallets into mobile payments.

Previously, Facebook’s chat tool Messenger launched a mobile wallet and mobile payment service, social friends can also use shortcuts to achieve personal remittance and so on.

Now that Facebook is officially rolling out payment services and allowing users to transfer money to each other, it can be seen that Facebook not only wants to be a social mogul, but is also trying to develop into a payment giant.