Paymentwall has teamed up with South Korea’s largest mobile consumer finance platform Toss

May 7, 2019, Paymentwall, a payment technology company based in San Francisco, announced a partnership with Viva Republica, South Korea’s largest mobile consumer finance platform Toss, through Toss, the main local payment channel, it helps enterprises and merchants around the world, including the Chinese market, reach local terminal consumers in South Korea more conveniently and quickly.

Through this cooperation, Paymentwall will integrate Toss payment methods into its global payment platform, so that merchants around the world can conduct transactions and collect money in the local market of South Korea with the help of Toss payment channels. Enterprises and merchants from various countries can also explore the south Korean market through Paymentwall platform and establish contact with local consumers in South Korea.

Toss has more than 11 million registered users in South Korea, or 20 percent of the country’s population. Toss offers south Korean consumers a full range of consumer finance services, including online payments for both physical and digital goods.

Benoit Boisset, chief operating officer of Paymentwall, said: “Our primary goal in the Korean market is simply to create a seamless payment experience for global merchants to develop overseas markets through a variety of payment channels. That’s the main reason we’re working with Toss this time. We want to provide a one-stop payment solution for all global businesses and merchants entering the Korean market to help them collect money in the local terminal market in Korea more easily through the Toss channel. We look forward to working with Toss to create greater value for our users.”

“We are very pleased to be a partner with Paymentwall. With this partnership, we want all Toss users to be able to enjoy a seamless payment experience through Paymentwall merchants. Jaemin Jung, head of business cooperation at the toss Payment department, said:”Not only that, the integration of Toss payment channels into the Paymentwall platform has also laid a solid foundation for Toss to expand overseas markets.”

Paymentwall has served the Korean market since it established its Seoul office in 2015. Paymentwall has partnered with major south Korean companies and platforms such as LG electronics, Kakao Games, samsung, Vertigo and Webzen.