HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei: chip technology is not urgent.

Ren zhengfei, the founder of huawei, gave an internal speech entitled “make great efforts to govern and revitalize the decade”, and expressed his views on hot topics such as “China core”.

Ren Zhengfei said in his internal speech that we (Huawei) will buy Qualcomm’s 50 million sets of chips this year. We will never go against each other. We will always be friends with Intel, Broadcom, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm…

Mr Ren responded to the view that huawei should reduce its imports of related parts from the us,In response, ren said: first, we need to continue to use a lot of American parts.This is the use of human civilization, the United States also needs the market to support its industrial development… 

We also need to strengthen the investment in basic research, hoping to use the basic research costs from the annual total research and development costs of 15 to 20 billion US dollars, draw more One piece, for example, 20% to 30%, so that about 3 billion to 4 billion US dollars per year is invested as a basic research.

Second, we hope to substantially increase funding for university-related professors and the world standards organization. As for the gap between us and America America’s ability to lead the world is still strong. But we need to narrow the gap to ‘we want to survive’.

According to ren, the chip is in no hurry. “it’s not just about technology, equipment and consumables. We still have to be down-to-earth, knowing that we are far behind in cloud and artificial intelligence, so that we cannot pursue foaming. On these issues, we need to have a higher vision of strategic planning.

When talking about the 5G issue that is of great concern to the outside world, ren zhengfei said that the 5G standard is the result of the joint efforts of all mankind and is driven by the efforts of dozens of companies, tens of thousands of scientists, engineers and decades around the world. Huawei is just one of them.

The road behind is still very long, and I don’t know if we can keep up with it. We only recognize the advanced, know the strength of others, and know that we respect the creation of others. Even if we are truly ahead, we will be fair and non-discriminatory, and we will never use our strengths to extort the society, nor will we extort other countries or other companies. Ren Zhengfei said