South koreans cannot live without smartphones,Smartphone penetration rate is 94% in Korea, ranking first in the world

According to the latest news from the media, a survey report by the authoritative organization, the popularity of Smartphones in Korea ranks first in the world, the United States ranks eighth, and China has a penetration rate of 68%, which is in the middle level.


In the era of mobile Internet, the popularity of Smartphones has become another important indicator to describe the development of information and Internet coverage in a country. The popularity of Smartphones in Korea ranks first in the world.

According to the Korea herald website reported that the famous pew research center conducted the survey, the April to may in 37 countries and regions all over the world were surveyed more than forty thousand consumers.

According to the report, South Korea ranks first in the world in terms of smartphone penetration, with a penetration rate of 94%. In other words, nine out of ten Koreans use smartphones.

Mobile phones are one of the must-carry devices for travel in South Korea, which is also the highest percentage of the countries surveyed.

Surveys over the years have also noted that South Korea also ranks first in Internet penetration and average Internet speed.

Not surprisingly, South Korea ranks high in smartphone penetration.

South Korea has a high national income and consumption power, and the technology industry is highly developed. It has the world’s top two smartphone manufacturers Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics (including Samsung has become the global mobile phone market leader for many years).

In addition, South Korea is the only country where all its citizens have mobile phones. Smart phones + functional phones cover 100% of the population of the country, indicating the high degree of informatization

In the era of PC Internet, South Korea leads in the field of network coverage and application level, and in the era of mobile Internet and smart phones, this advantage has naturally continued.

In terms of smart machine penetration rate, Israel is second only to South Korea, with a penetration rate of 83%. This was followed by Australia (82% penetration rate), Sweden (80%), and the Netherlands (80%).

In this report, Tanzania’s smartphone penetration rate in Tanzania is only 13%, India’s penetration rate is 22%, and Indonesia’s is 27%.

Low penetration markets such as India and Indonesia have also become hot spots for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers. In the Indian smartphone market, four of the top five are Chinese companies, and Chinese brands have also performed well in Indonesia, southeast Asia’s largest country.

Pew’s report shows that the US smartphone penetration rate is 77%, compared with 59% in Japan. The countries where smartphone penetration is close to China include France, Italy, Canada, and Germany.
According to the Pew survey, South Korea currently ranks first in the world in Internet penetration, followed by the Netherlands and Australia (coverage is 93%), Sweden (92%), Canada (91%), and the United States (89%)