I’ll use WeChat pay to for your dinner!——French little brother shouted Tencent’s Pony Ma( Ma Huateng) again.

Does anyone remember the little French brother who take social media by storm a year ago?

These two days he posted a propaganda WeChat Pay uncle ma huateng video once again triggered hot debate on the Internet.

This time, french little brother said: “He found that WeChat payment was announced to be available in LE BHV MARAIS, a department store owned by Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France, and to be available in all of Europe with WeChat payment in 2019!”

He said, “I am very happy! I just sent a little video to can make it this happen so quickly,, and I don’t know if my video affected them.”

Originally, on January 22, 2019, WeChat payment and LE BHV MARAIS jointly launched WeChat payment smart department store in Paris, and released the global strategy themed “smart life zero hour difference”.

The French little brother was surprised that WeChat paid so fast to come to France, He said in video: “WeChat pay! You guys are amazing! I think it’s great that it happened so fast! Uncle Pony Ma( Ma Huateng), next time you come to Paris, I’ll invite you to dinner, and then pay with WeChat, okay? “

A year ago, it was this little French brother who posted a video complaining to “Uncle Ma Huateng:”Having lived in China for eight years, he found out how backward France is in mobile payments and hopes ma can “save” them with WeChat payments. “

French little brother said, every time back to France, heard the people around to say what France is a high-tech country, but the little brother himself constantly lamented “really too backward.” 

Why is that? It turned out that he was used to going out in China without cash or wallet, and everything could be settled by mobile phone. In France, however, he wanted to buy something for his mother and found that he didn’t bring his wallet, only to go back empty because he didn’t bring cash and there is no place to use mobile phones for mobile payments.

The more interesting ones are still behind,Ma Huateng responded in a recent interview that he had seen the video clip, which was forwarded to him by hundreds of people. “This video was forwarded to me by hundreds of people,” Ma Huateng said.” My biggest complaint is that I think he is not young, Why did he call me uncle? ”

Why?Why?Why?Ma huateng looks very young, we also want to know why the French little brother to call “uncle ma huateng.”

Perhaps the French little brother only discovered these days that France could use mobile payments. In fact, the Galeries Lafayette began to support WeChat payments early on, and the French little brother seems to have “misunderstood” the European strategy of WeChat’s payment.

In November 2017, BNP paribas announced that it had launched WeChat payments at Galeries Lafayette, France’s largest department store group. Among them, the two flagship stores of Galeries Lafayette in Paris — haussmann and barthwaite — are the first to use WeChat payment in European department stores.
The French little brother may not have visited The two stores when he first shouted shouted Wechat pay in a online social video in January 2018.

WeChat payment with the French BHV department store Once again the cooperation is a bit different, this time more deep, more intelligent.

This collaboration is not just to support WeChat payment, but WeChat pay Wisdom department store, with the help help of the ecological capacity of WeChat, it can fully empower the century-old stores in France.

Specific cooperation contents include: On the one hand, through the capacity of WeChat ecological products such as official accounts, small programs and moments advertising, BHV department stores can help improve the digital operation efficiency for the Chinese market and effectively enhance the attention and consumption of potential Chinese customers. On the other hand, through AI Artificial intelligence technology, the establishment of department stores in the “smart makeup shopping area”, “Smart fitting room” and other smart retail theme areas, with the resident BHV department store well-known brands to cooperate, to provide users with diversified, personalized services.

This can be said to be the smart ecological solution of WeChat payment, which enables merchants to serve customers more intelligently.

Since January 21 this year, WeChat payment has promoted Chinese Spring Festival culture to the whole world. Chinese tourists use WeChat to pay for consumption in some overseas offline cooperative merchants, and have the opportunity to get the cover of WeChat Lucky Money with local characteristics.

Thus, WeChat payment will not only bring the payment function to France and Europe, but also bring the smart lifestyle to the whole world.