From female college students in Ukraine were frozen to death for not bringing their wallets — on the necessity of promoting mobile payment

It was reported by the mirror on the 25th.

The student named Iryna Dvoretska(Transliteration: the same below),she was 21 years old, when she was travelling to a hospital in northern Ukraine to visit her sick mother. After Iryna got on the bus, the driver kicked her out because she forgot her wallet and couldn’t pay the fare. she failed to come up with the 25 Hverna (68p) bus fare.It was about 4 a.m., and the temperature outside was 20 degrees below zero.

Iryna was driven out of her car and walked along a dark road and tried to cross a forest, the report said. But she got lost on the way and eventually fell into a deep
pit where she froze to death. Two days later, Iryna’s father finally found her frozen body.

Iryna’s sister natalia said: “Our mother had pneumonia and her condition got worse. That day Irina wanted to catch the first bus to the hospital, but because of the rush time, in a hurry she forgot to bring her purse. ”

Iryna’s aunt said: “The driver forced Irina out of the car and drove away, leaving her alone in the cold and desolate area.” She added that Irina’s eyes were wide with fear when her father found her body.

See this report, the editor can’t help but a little tears, A girl in the flower season was taken away for 6 yuan, how pitiful.We have no intention of commenting on the
news, but we would like to say that the promotion of mobile payment is imperative.

It’s a time when social apps are popular, and we may often forget to take our wallets and go out,
but we don’t usually forget to go out with a smartphones. Some people do not even bring a smartphones will generate some fear from the heart, afraid that others can’t contact,afraid of business interruption and so on.

We were thinking that if mobile payment had been promoted effectively in Ukraine,
Irina could have used her mobile phone to pay for her car, and maybe the tragedy would not have happened.

What is mobile payment? Mobile payment refers to the transaction between the two parties using mobile terminal equipment as a carrier, through the mobile communication network to achieve commercial transactions. There are many mobile terminals for mobile payment, including mobile phone, PDA, mobile PC, etc.

In China, how long have you not been to a bank or a 24-hour ATM machine to withdraw cash?

Today in China, whether you are going to a large commercial shopping, or buying food at a street stall, you can pay by WeChat or Alipay to complete the payment.In China’s current cashless era, even people begging on the side of the road are starting to carry a QR code that is easy to pay! Mobile payment is ubiquitous in China.
Men, women and children are all using it. The popularity is very wide!

What are the benefits of mobile payments?

For the average consumer:

1. Convenient life

Mobile payments are definitely a boon, as people don’t have to worry about forgetting their wallets when they go out, and they don’t have to worry about stuffing their wallets into their pockets. However, even living in a small third-tier city, now basically roadside selling vegetables selling baked sweet potatoes, can pay WeChat or Alipay, so there is basically no cash on the body.
Perhaps the tragedy of Iryna would not have happened after Universal mobile payments.So we say: it’s imperative to promote mobile payment.

2. more environmental protection, more health

The environmental protection of mobile payment is firstly reflected in the reduction of resource consumption in the cash manufacturing process. 

The development of mobile payment, reduce the use of paper money, the use of raw materials can be greatly reduced, but also to eliminate the transfer of bacteria on the paper money.

Counterfeit banknotes are definitely a bit of disgust in everyday trading, and mobile payments have just been perfect for eliminating counterfeit banknotes, and there is
no need to change the cashier process, greatly saving the time for buyers and sellers.

We all know that paper money is very dirty, paper money has a lot of bacteria, then,the promotion of mobile payment we do not need to contact cash, so also to achieve more convenient shopping.

3. Very fast.
Just scan, a brush or a touch can be immediately to the account.

Avoid the risk of carrying a lot of cash, especially if you’re traveling

For merchants:

1. Simple and quick
No need to spend time to find change, no need to receive fake notes, and no need
to worry about the loss caused in the process of cash circulation.
2. Highly integrated
Because of the convenience of mobile payment, whether it is WeChat payment or Alipay payment, it has a high degree of integration with entertainment, catering, travel,shopping, medical treatment and so on. This convergence is not just online, but offline as well.

And this high degree of integration also promotes the cashless development process.

3. Big Data Marketing

Big Data brings together consumer data to help businesses make better decisions that are good for them.

In today’s cashless era, the advantages of mobile payment are expanding.In the future, mobile payment may have a deeper development, it will be accompanied by the maturity of Internet technology and more and more perfect. Intelligence is a big trend.

4. Save time of queuing and change

Mobile payment saves time, saves queuing time, and allows customers to place online orders for payment directly.

Smart life is a very important part of the industrial Internet exploration,especially for mobile payment and smart travel. Of course, smart travel also includes
the use of various means of payment, including mobile payment, swipe payment, cash
payment, etc.

Mobile payments are good for more than that, so what are the disadvantages of mobile payments?

1. Cyber security risks.
Now there are a lot of phishing sites, such as a lot of people doing the site like WeChat or Alipay’s official page, let you download things, and then steal your account.

2. Risk of password loss.
Modern people have more and more account passwords, which are easy to forget,
resulting in over-reliance on mobile phones. And some people after the cancellation of mobile phone number, wallet and other products do not bind mobile phone number, it is easy to lose.

3. unsupported stores are unusable. Some stores just don’t support it.

4.Spend more and more.
Before spending money to see to pull out a stack of banknotes are very heartache, now just recognize the fingerprint, see only change the number is just, painless.