Japanese internet giant GMO will launch game based on bit-currency reward mechanism

Japanese internet company giant GMO announced that it will launch a game-reward app based on Bitcoin in August. This is the latest attempt by GMO company to encrypt the currency field.




According to the cointelegraph, Japanese Internet giant GMO announced that it will launch a bitcoin-based game rewards app in August. The app, called CryptoChips, can be used to reward players when they reach a specific goal, initially supporting only Bitcoin.

Cryptochips will first be applied in the GMO development of the instant combat game whimsical war.

The move is GMO’s latest attempt to encrypt the currency, with GMO already having its own encrypted currency exchange, mining operations, and even a portion of employee wages paid in bitcoin.

In January this year, Coincheck, the Japanese currency exchange, had 530 million of billions of dollars stolen by hackers, and financial regulators found that their data systems lacked security after conducting cross-industry inspections.

Although the size of Japan’s encrypted currency market is expected to reach 1 trillion trillion yen in a few years (about $8.7 billion trillion), the main reason for GMO’s creation of the bitcoin is the recent improvement in the regulatory environment for Japanese bitcoin.

GMO is the oldest and largest registrar of domain names in Japan, which covers a wide range of Internet services, making it the main Internet infrastructure company in Japan. ,

As Japan’s largest and most successful Internet service and online securities Trading Company, GMO may quickly become an important competitor in the Japanese bitcoin industry, while GMO has pledged to improve data security.